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MicroTest Pro is a powerful program that simplifies the problems of managing test items and generating tests. Designed for use by instructors and training directors at school districts, colleges and businesses, MicroTest Pro lets users:

  • Import test items supplied by textbook publishers
  • Import test items from word processing programs
  • Convert test items in multiple formats
  • Convert test items supplied by textbook publishers
  • Upload tests to Blackboard 6, WebCT or other e-Learning systems
  • Export tests for use with in-house developed Internet-based testing systems
  • Print multiple versions of tests and answer sheets

Free Trial Offer

You can use MicroTest Pro for 30 days free of charge. Click here to download a free copy.

Learn More About MicroTest Pro

For more detailed information about MicroTest Pro's features and options, click here.

Textbook Publishers

MicroTest has been licensed by leading textbook publishers since 1984. For more information on how MicroTest can enhance your textbook adoption package, click here.

Test Bank Conversion Service

Several schools, college departments and individual instructors have requested that we convert their test items into MicroTest Pro format. If you have textbook publisher supplied test items or test items developed in-house, our operations department can quickly convert them for a nominal charge. For more information on this service please fill out the information form. Click here for the information form.

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