MICROGRADE NEWSLETTER-Volume VIII, Issue #2 - May 2008
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Inside This Issue:

Internet-Based Version of MicroGrade Coming Soon!

Chariot is pleased to announce that we are developing MicroGrade Online, a web-based version of MicroGrade. MicroGrade Online includes the most widely used features of the desktop version of MicroGrade plus many features designed for school site administrators. MicroGrade Online will be available for the Fall 2008 term. For complete information, please visit the MicroGrade Online web site at: www.chariot.com/mgonline

MicroGrade Online Features for the Teacher:

  • Secure access to your grade book from any computer with an Internet connection
  • An easy-to-use interface with no training required.
  • Online help available at all times.
  • Enhanced teacher/parent/student communication
  • Customizable grade book options
  • Simplified Attendance tracking
  • Easily create and view reports to assess class performance
  • You will always be using the most current version of the system

MicroGrade Online Features for the School Site Administrator:

  • MicroGrade Online provides a school-wide solution to the problem of grade management.
  • Each site-licensed school will have its own secure dedicated site.
  • No software to install or uninstall on teacher's computers.
  • Designated site administrators will have the ability to:
  • Add/change/delete teachers at any time
  • Reduce the teacherís workload by electronically uploading class rosters at the beginning of each term.
  • Download grade data for all students for preparing report cards or school-wide reports

For complete information please visit the MicroGrade Online web site at: www.chariot.com/mgonline

Note: The desktop version of MicroGrade and the WebGrade service will continue to be supported, maintained, and upgraded.

Don't Forget To Deactivate Your MicroGrade

Before you leave for that well-earned summer break, don't forget to deactivate your MicroGrade program. When you return in the fall, you may discover that your computer has been replaced or all of the programs erased. If you deactivate, you can easily re-register when the new school year starts. If you don't deactivate, you may need to purchase another license to install MicroGrade on another computer.

You can learn more about the deactivation process here: http://www.chariot.com/micrograde/support/knowledgebase/register/mg-deactivation.asp

Helpful Hints From Our Technical Support Team

Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you have all of your MicroGrade materials in order before summer begins:

1. If you are an individual user, store your MicroGrade program disks/CD, serial number and product information in a safe place. If you return to school in the fall to find that your old computer no longer works or has been moved to another location, you'll need to reload MicroGrade.

2. To maintain security, make backup copies of your MicroGrade class files from this year. Delete old class files from your computer if they are no longer needed. Printouts of grades for this year might be helpful if there are any parent or administrative questions about grades. Keep our web site address handy so you can check in with us during the summer. MicroGrade news will be posted on our web site and you can get a head start before the next school year begins. Visit us at: www.chariot.com

Visit us at www.chariot.com for more information.

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