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WebTest is a hosted, web-based system for the creation, delivery and administration of tests, tutorials and surveys. Based on 20 years of experience as a developer of desktop and Internet-based testing systems, Chariot developed a complete assessment system that is:
  • Hosted: Rapid deployment and minimal start-up costs
  • Cost Effective: Eliminates the costs of test duplication and scanning
  • Enterprise Level: Designed for large scale, multi-site, high volume use
  • Flexible: Offers almost limitless test, tutorial and survey options
  • Proven: Over a million tests and tutorials delivered at hundreds of sites worldwide
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WebTest Applications In Education
  • Placement testing
  • Admissions testing
  • Test preparation
  • Basic math and grammar tutorials
  • Distance education testing
  • End-of-course surveys
  • Faculty surveys
WebTest Applications In Business
  • Sales force competency testing
  • Employment testing
  • Product training continuing education
  • Employee and client surveys
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Hosted [Back To Top]

Outsourcing Internet-based testing to a reliable service provider lets your organization concentrate on core competencies. Chariot provides and maintains the software, hardware and Internet connectivity at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase and maintain in-house.

Cost Effective [Back To Top]

On average, it costs $15 per student to administer a paper-and-pencil exam. That figure is based on the administrative tasks of test creation, duplication, test distribution, proctoring, scoring time and results distribution. Also included is the cost of materials and equipment such as answer sheets, additional paper, usage of a scanning machine and other miscellaneous supplies.

With the exception of test creation and limited proctoring when necessary, Internet-based assessment eliminates all of the traditional costs associated with paper-and-pencil testing. Even the test creation process can be streamlined if a full-featured testing system is in place. When a computer connected to the Internet is used to test students, there is no longer a need for bubble sheets, test booklets and extra staff to score the exams.

Enterprise Level [Back To Top]

Several companies offer Internet-based testing products that, at first glance, look like they might work. The fact is that anyone with some basic HTML knowledge can put up a quiz up on a web site in just a few hours. The difficult parts of Internet-based testing systems are test administration and data management and the number of simultaneous users that can be accommodated. Features like online editing, 7 levels of access controls, online essay scoring and the ability to handle multiple sites set WebTest apart from the competition.

Flexible [Back To Top]

WebTest is designed to satisfy a wide range of assessment, remediation and survey requirements for schools, colleges, corporate trainers and proprietary schools. WebTest is not a one size must fit all system.

Proven [Back To Top]

Most schools and businesses don't want to be a beta test site for some company's experiment with Internet-based testing. WebTest is a system that has been proven in a wide variety of applications. Thousands of students at community colleges and California high schools use the system on a daily basis. In business, WebTest is being used for pre-employment testing, sales force competency testing and employee surveys.

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